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Located in Sacramento, serving El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas

Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc.

Family owned and operated business dedicated to providing excellent customer service and quality work.

We have been working closely with our clients for years to provide a personalized experience. For speed, quality, and that extra level of care, think of Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc.

Meet the Owner

While working in the industry many years ago, Jose was injured. He took it as an opportunity to open up his own business. In 2004, Colmenares Plaster and Decking Inc. began servicing Sacramento and surrounding areas. The company is driven by hard work and determination. Jose's goal is to provide quality work using only quality products while having the customers needs in mind.

We’re Problem Solvers!

Older decks and patios can of course start to fall into disrepair. Even newer builds have the potential to go wrong and need repairs immediately. Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. is here to help.

When it comes to patios, the most common issues you’ll see in something so solid are cracks. If too much water is added to a concrete mix, these stones can crack within the first 30 days of installation.

Decks can be more problematic, with nails popping out, sealer wearing off and steps needing re-anchoring. At times, boards can even become warped and over-used. We are equipped to handle all these situations to get your deck back to working condition.

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