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Plaster Installation and Repair in El Dorado Hills

Plaster is one of the few ancient building materials that we still use today. At Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc., we take the art of plastering very seriously. We love its reliability and flexibility. Not to mention, the way it can be molded and shaped to meet any requirement. We'd love to share this passion with you!

For interior or exterior plastering, there's no better choice in El Dorado Hills than Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc.. We are a family owned business that works on residential and commercial projects. Our professionally trained craftspeople have spent many years perfecting this precision trade. Contact us for all your installation and repair needs in El Dorado Hills.

Interior Plaster Installation

There are a lot of advantages to plastering the interior of your El Dorado Hills home. Whereas drywall is a quicker and cheaper option, it's also much less durable. The thickness of plaster walls also serves to isolate a lot of sound. Your home will become quieter overall with plaster walls. And if the framing in your home has been done properly, plaster will offer an extra structural support to your home. Not to mention, plaster has fire-retardant qualities to protect you and your loved ones from injury.

With all these advantages, it's hard to understand why many homeowners and home builders have turned away from plastering. One thing is that it requires skill and knowledge to be done properly. But that's why we're here! We've spent years honing our skills in the construction industry. You're guaranteed to have a reliable and beautiful plastered interior with Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc..

Interior Plaster Repair

If plaster is applied badly or carelessly, it can crack. This can also happen if your home is not framed properly. Flexibility in the basic structure of your home can be hard on plaster and can cause damage to it.

Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. offers plaster repair services. We'll do a close inspection of the work that's been done in your home. We can assess the type of damage and determine what likely caused it. That way our repairs are not just band-aids. They're also attempts to fix deeper problems that might continue to threaten the plastering in your El Dorado Hills home.

Exterior Stucco Repair

For the exteriors of homes, we use a type of plaster called stucco. We love working with stucco and think the final product is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, nothing says California like stucco exteriors.

However, like all types of siding, stucco is always exposed to the elements. Dust storms, rain, hail, and sometimes debris, can be punishing to a stucco wall. Every now and then your stucco wall will need to be repaired. In El Dorado Hills there's no better plaster repair service and stucco repair service than us!

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Our incredibly skilled team of artisans bring together years of experience and centuries of tradition. They put all that passion into every project. And it shows. Along the way, we've made deep connections with homeowners and business owners across the region. We hope we can make that connection with you. Contact us for your next plaster project.

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