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Masonry Construction
By Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc.

A wide range of stone types

Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. uses pre-fabricated and natural stone materials in our masonry construction services including brick, various types of stone, ceramic and concrete stone and blocks.

  • Brick in all sizes and shapes
  • Hanging brick
  • Stone: Sandstone, fieldstone, limestone, granite
  • Mortars
  • Light and heavy concrete
  • Free standing arches
  • Block in all sizes and shapes
  • Masonry landscape: Site walls and pavers
  • Large blocks of heavy silicate

Customized construction according to your budget

Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. experts carefully choose the material for your Elk Grove project according to the size and purpose of your requirements. Our mason and concrete specialists carefully plan each structural element and use local resources and raw materials based on your predetermined budget. Our skilled and experienced craftsmen carefully design and plan for the scope and dimension of masonry construction upgrades and remodels and provide Elk Grove residential and commercial property owners with a wide selection of textured finishes and specialty options.

Skilled commercial or residential masonry adapted to any environment

Contact Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. for quality masonry construction for:

  • Residential Kitchen Remodel
  • Home Additions
  • Office space remodel
  • Retail store remodel
  • Hotel upgrade and remodel
  • Any commercial or residential Elk Grove masonry project

Whether your requirements include a basic upgrade for a business location or an entirely new concept in any area of your home, Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. provides exceptional masonry services. Call (916) 424-3151 for to schedule a free estimate and discuss your ideas.

Call (916) 424-3151 for to schedule a free estimate and discuss your ideas.

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