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Upgrade Your Summer

A surefire way to upgrade your summer experience is by installing a patio in your front or backyard. Not only are they affordable, but they will increase the resale value of your home and decrease your yard maintenance expenses. At Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc., our team members love to relax on a patio, and our satisfied clients do as well!

Patio construction is one of our specialties, and we come to every job with a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring you the best in patio installation.

Something for Everyone

What do you picture when you imagine your ideal patio? Is it sleek and swanky concrete with spot lighting and space for a bar and cocktails? A Tuscany-inspired red brick or gravel space for wine tasting? Natural-looking flagstones in varied shapes, or a space where children can use their imaginations and play?

We can create all those, and more! Your dream patio doesn’t need to be a fantasy. At Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. we’ll make it a reality.

  • Concrete
  • Flagstone/Natural Stone
  • Brick
  • Pavers
  • Gravel

No matter which you choose, there is even more variety beyond that. Colors, textures, shape, and pattern. Your patio will be just as unique as you are.

Making the Choice

You may be thinking that your backyard is good as it is. There’s grass, you’ve got a setup you’re used to. But instead, imagine a space that won’t absorb water when it rains, allow furniture to sink into it, and cover you with bugs and dirt. You can even hold a reception where guests can wear high heels and not get stuck in the ground!

Another option, of course, is to build a deck. But patios have a few advantages over your classic wooden deck, such as:


Patios are far more affordable.


Spray a patio down with a hose and it looks like new. No fading or wood rot here!


Nosy neighbors? Stay low to the ground with a patio.

Staying Power

Barely susceptible to damage, patios stay in like-new condition for at least 25 years.


Build a patio on your time. No waiting for city permits!

Patios come with minimal problems to consider. Of course, you will not be able to build one on uneven ground for one thing. After a few years, stones may crack. After it rains or after a cleaning, slipping is a possibility. But when you compare these points to the advantages, they barely count.

Your Summer Experience
Starts Today

When you choose to call Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc., that is when your summer experience starts. We’ll come out to your home and discuss your patio plans, survey the land and plot out a design. Within 24 hours from that point, you will receive a free quote.

After you give us the go-ahead, we’ll build you the patio of your dreams. Get in touch with us today—don’t put your summer plans on hold!

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