Patios in El Dorado Hills

Patios in El Dorado Hills

No summer is complete without a good amount of time spent on the patio. This could be at a neighbor’s home, or at a local El Dorado Hills restaurant. But why not let it be in the comfort of your own back yard?

At Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. we aim to show you how simple it can be to build a beautiful and unique patio that you can enjoy whenever the weather allows!

Long-lasting and affordable, patios are a great addition to any home that has the space. Even small backyard patio designs are possible with options like poured concrete that can fit easily anywhere.

Why Build a Patio?

You may ask, why go to the efforts of building a patio when I have a perfectly good backyard already? If you think about it, grass is great but is it really providing the best platform for outdoor living? Grass absorbs water and holds onto it for longer when it rains, furniture can sink into it, and let’s face it—bugs and dirt are always involved too. A patio increases your home’s living space. Even if this space is outdoors, when the weather allows, you get that much more out of your home.

If you build a patio with coverage, you can enjoy your patio and the outdoors, all year round! An excellent entertainment area with a view of the stars, it can only add value to your home.

Don’t you get sick of mowing your lawn, or telling your kids to go out and play and having them come in covered in mud? Decrease the grass in your yard and decrease these issues.

El Dorado Hills summers are the best time of the year, so why not get the most out of them?

A patio will increase your relaxation time. Contact Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. and let us do the work. Sit back and enjoy the summer!

An Affordable Indulgence

It doesn’t cost much to build the custom patio of your dreams. It is very much dependent on the size of your yard and how much space you want the patio to take up, but materials range from as low as $1 per square foot to $28.

  • Gravel: $1.50 per square foot, or $2 with stabilizers
  • Concrete: $6-12 per square foot
  • Pavers: $7-$15 per square foot
  • Brick: $12-$18 per square foot
  • Flagstone/Natural Stone: $12-$28 per square foot

Working with any of these materials, our team at Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc. will deliver beautiful results that you can be proud of showing off to all your El Dorado Hills neighbors!

Your Summer Experience, by Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc.

Ensure your summer is a perfect one, with patios by Colmenares Plaster & Decking Inc.. The weather can be unpredictable, but with your own backyard getaway you don’t have to travel to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t worry about making plans only to be rained out—and if a grey day turns sunny, take advantage to the fullest.

Our family loves summer as much as yours does, so let us help you to make the most of it. Call today!